Delight in the Tropical Vibe,
Enjoy your journey with Tropical Finance
by Zero Cute Ventures.

Tropical Finance is a fully audited cutting-edge yield farming application and DEX on the SmartBCH chain with unique features that provide investors with brand new ways to optimise APRs.

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A Platform where users can finally stay safe

Tropical Finance focuses on two important factors: steady fairness and transparency. Basing on these foundations, Tropical Finance aims to provide high APRs with the least risks and strives to become one of the most stable and reliable platforms in SmartBCH Network by offering multiple features and ways that support yield increasing and solve liquidity problems.
DAIQUIRI (Tropical Finance Token) is deflationary token which will feature many token usecases, added constantly after Launch (check the Roadmap for further informations).

Deposit Fees for non-native Pools and Farms will be also used to buyback and burn DAIQUIRI, helping the price to stabilise and preventing inflation.
DAIQUIRI Single Pools and Farms have no Deposit Fees (0%).

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Why Tropical Finance ...
  • Community-driven

    Tropical Finance is entirely community-driven, developers and team members are there to provide support to the community and making actions (such as burns and buybacks) to help the ecosystem. Deposit fees can't ever be higher than 4%

  • Token Usecases

    Unlike other tokens, DAIQUIRI will have many usecases to come (such as NFT Marketplace buy currency, Governance and more, see Roadmap) and more which will be announced during time

  • Developers' tokens fair usage

    100% of Developers' tokens earned from Deposit fees will be used to buyback and burn DAIQUIRI

  • Deflationary Model

    DAIQUIRI is a deflationary token. This concept will be maintained by many mechanics, including dynamic token emission rates per block reduction (see below) and periodical token burns

... makes the Difference
  • Fresh new Events and Features released constantly

    Tropical team will never let its users being tired. Investors' journey in Tropical Finance will be rich of fresh Events and Features released during time: including AMAs, Bridge, Launchpad and NFTs

  • Dynamic Emission Rates

    Emission rates will be reduced during time, making the circulating supply increase slower during time and APRs less volatile by following the price


Q4 2021



Public Presale for DAIQUIRI Token
See Details

Tropical Finance App

Tropical Finance Application(DEX, Yield Farming and Pools) launch, Farms and Pools will later be launched fairly

LP Farming and Pools Fair Launch

LP Farming and Pools added and operative(staking available) at Tropical Finance App immediately after start block, no pre-staking

Apply for DefiLlama listing/partnership

Tropical Finance applies to be listed on DefiLlama

Q1 2022

Tropical Wonders(NFTs)

Tropical Wonders (Tropical Finance's Non Fungible Tokens) creation

Tropical Wonders Marketplace(NFT Marketplace)

Tropical Wonders(NFTs) available to be bought and sold in a dedicated platform at Tropical Finance

Apply for Coingecko Listing

Tropical Finance applies to be listed of Coingecko



Tropical Flights(Launchpad)

Launchpad of Tropical Finance opening, in this platform users can fundraise/initial offer their tokens in our platform

Apply for Coinmarketcap Listing

Tropical Finance applies to be listed of Coinmarketcap

Q2 2022

Tropical Finance Telegram Bot

Feature-fully Telegram Bot for DAIQUIRI Ecosystem(Informations, Prices, NFT infos...) available



Tropical Treasures(Vaults)

Tropical Treasures(Vaults) featured in the platform, users can stake DAIQUIRI to earn non-native Tokens. Not to be confused with Single Pools where, instead, native and non-native tokens are staked to earn DAIQUIRI

Hawaii Tickets

Hawaii Tickets (Lottery) are up for sale to all users in our platform, draws will happen 1 time per week


Q3 2022


Tropical Gate(Bridge)

Tropical Gate allows other blockchain users to easily use Tropical services through a cross-chain bridge. Cross-Chain Bridge plans to expand to multiple blockchains but will be based on STEEM blockchain first. STEEM blockchain users can swap STEEM tokens 1:1 for SmartBCH-based tokens using the cross-chain bridge provided by Tropical. Swapped SmartBCH-based tokens can be staked in Tropical Swap to mining DAIQUIRI Token

Tropical Finance Cross-Chain

Tropical Finance opens the gates and launches in more chains, giving people chances to join our ecosystem in other networks!

Q4 2022

Tropical Wonders(NFTs) Staking, also Cross-Chain

Tropical NFTs can be staked on our platforms, to farm end earn DAIQUIRI like Farms and Pools



Governance Proposals(Polls)

Users can vote for features or edits in Tropical Finance ecosystem by Polls


RoadMap will be updated constantly once new features are announced, stay tuned!

*We reserve the right to modify this section without any preannounciation, release dates may eventually slide.
Secondary Events(AMAs, Airdrops...) aren't included to prevent speculation, they will be announced in our Groups and Channels.
Please follow our Twitter, Discord and Telegram Channels to stay updated

DAIQUIRI Distribution

Presale distribution details can be found below, ones shown below are the tokens emitted after it.
"Fee Address" funds refer to % of Emission Rate, no tokens are minted to developers before or during presale and they are not minted directly.

Presale Distribution

Tokens going to the team are in BCH (buy method of the presale), team won't hold any DAIQUIRI.

Deposit Fees Distribution

Deposit fees are capped at 4%
*the following chart and details refer to 4% Deposit Fee

Deposit fees are automatically sent to Tropical Finance's Fee Address and will be used as shown above, "To Developers" tokens will be transfered manually to developers' wallets.
We guarantee the maximum transparency to any Tropical Finance user, hence also presale(ICO) details are shared with our community in docs.